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Police Station fees



We appreciate in these times of Government Legal Aid cuts that firms need to watch what they are spending, therefore we have kept our pricing structure for Police Station attendances not only very competitive, but also nice & simple.


This fee will include not only our initial attendance, but also any subsequent attendances where necessary. This is with the exception of cases which may require a long period of attendance, where we would obviously be happy to discuss a fair renegotiated fee, for example where a case reaches the escape fee or where, although it falls just short of the escape fee, a significant amount of time has been spent at the police Station.


*this fee does not include mileage & disbursements. Should any attendance (excluding travel & waiting) go beyond a period of 3 hours we will increase our charge by £30. In the case of exceptional fee claims our charges are 60% of the total amount claimed, or as negotiated on the above basis.


Magistrates Court Advocacy

Fees for attending at the Magistrates Court will obviously depend on the type of case that you ask us to cover.


We are however happy to negotiate payment on a fixed fee or hourly basis.


*This fee does not include mileage & disbursements.

Payment of fees

We ask that payment is made within 14 days of our attendance at the Police Station or Court hearing.


We do however appreciate that the LAA can sometimes be slow in terms of making payments to Firms & where cases involve an Escape Fee at the Police Station or a Non Standard Fee at the Magistrates Court, there may be further delay whilst the bill is assessed. All we ask is that you communicate with us!!


Payment preferred via by Bank transfer - details available upon request, or alternatively by cheque payable to JNM Legal.


Magistrates Court Advocacy

Police Station Attendance

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