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Here is an overview of the areas in which we can assist your Firm

Magistrates Court Advocacy

From shoplifting to murder...criminal damage to serious fraud: we can represent and advise your clients as your agent in relation to all criminal law matters.


There may be occasions when , for whatever reason, your firm needs the support of an experienced advocate in the Magistrates` Court.


We can offer that support, at very short notice , for any type of hearing, whether it is a first appearance, bail application, sentence or a trial. We can also stand in as a duty solicitor.


The Solicitor will attend Court & apply for a Representation Order in your Firms` name, so you need never lose a client again due to lack of cover.


Our very experienced duty solicitor is able to cover any Magistrates Court in the Greater Manchester & Lancashire area and elsewhere by prior arrangement.


We are able to provide robust representation on your firms behalf, at short notice & at very competitive rates, please feel free to call us for a no obligation quote.


Police Station Attendance & Representation

Sound advice in the earliest stages at the Police Station is paramount if your client is to enjoy a successful conclusion to their case.


The consequences of the Police Station Interview will remain with a suspect throughout the charging/bailing process & follows them throughout the Court proceedings & into the jury room.They remain relevant at the time of sentence.


We are able to cover cases as your agent where your client is already in custody under arrest or where they have been bailed to return. We can also cover cases where a client is interviewed whilst in Prison.


We also attend DWP interviews & any other interview under caution.


Our Police Station Representatives understand that their role in the Police Station is vital. They are all highly trained & experienced. They have dealt with all categories of offences from simple theft to murder & are able to provide excellent testimonials as to their ability in this field.


Whether your firm requires regular support or just one off assistance , we are more than happy to discuss your needs. please call or e mail for more information.


We are able to cover Police Stations in Greater Manchester , Lancashire & beyond by prior arrangement.

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Magistrates Court Advocacy

Police Station Attendance

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